A healthy heart is an indication of a healthy lifestyle and heart health needs to be carefully monitored if you have been diagnosed with any heart conditions. At the Pakistan Surgical Centre, we are advocates of a healthy heart, our highly professional and trained staff are available to give you the best heart and cardiovascular care services. 
Most healthcare experts recommend having a heart checkup along with a complete medical check-up once every year to find and address any health problems. Early detection helps healthcare professionals deal with complications before they may cause damage to your body.
If you have no disease but your family history indicates heart issues, you should get a heart health analysis done every year. If you are suspected to have any heart disease, the physician will recommend Electrocardiography (ECG, EKG), cardiac exercise stress test or echocardiography, and other tests to reach a conclusive diagnosis. 
Delaying diagnosis, routine tests, and checkups mean you are putting yourself at risk. Lifestyle changes, appropriate medical care and timely, relevant health advice gives you the chance to manage your heart health and enjoy living a long, full life with your loved ones. 
Pakistan Surgical Centre are also contributing by reducing fatality risk significantly in heart attack/ chest pain patients with timely, quality, 24/7 emergency care.